Become an authorized installer


Execution of cables installations, junctions and maintenance of fiber optical networks in Netcity infrastructure is allowed only to the installers authorized by Netcity.

Netcity Authorized Installer Certification is granted to eligible companies for the provision of professional services to the telecommunications sector and includes training by Netcity Telecom for a minimum of 2 employees.


  1. Download, sign and submit to the contract for certified installer certification services (download) or contact us using the form below.
  2. After completing the contractual formalities and paying the certification tariffs specified in the contract,  sends us the names of the employees for whom training and certification are necessary.
  3. After receiving the data, we will schedule the training session.
  4. After completing the training session, we will create accounts for the participants in the Netcity Network Administration Application (NIMS), accounts that will have authorized installer rights and will be assigned to the companies they represent.
  5. With the creation of the accounts, Netcity will issue the Netcity infrastructure work permits that are unique per company, specifying the names of the trained persons and the validity period.

Note: To compare the version of the authorized installer framework contract prior to 16.03.2019 to the current one, click here (download).


To request a Netcity Authorized Installer course, you can contact us by e-mail at, by phone at 031 42 59 701 or by using the form below: